Propane Pre-Buy Program

Propane Pre-Buy
Better, more predictable pricing

At County Gas we make every effort to help our customers keep their propane heating and energy costs in check. That's why we offer a Pre-Buy Program to all of our loyal customers.  Whether you own your own tank or lease a tank; County Gas is ready to help you save money. The Pre-Buy program gives our customers added peace of mind during the coldest winter heating seasons when gas prices can fluctuate the most.

The Propane Pre-Buy Program allows you to purchase your winter or peak season propane during the times of year when pricing is at its best and use it when you need it the most.

We store the gas for free at our facility and deliver it to you as you need it.

Call us today at 812-331-2270 and our friendly staff will help you calculate your optimal pre-purchase amount based on your past usage and anticipated needs.

Special Announcement -

Pre-Buy Program Extended

Due to favorable market conditions Pre-Buy pricing is still available right now.

Best Propane Pricing

If you missed our annual pre-purchase period this year and still want to take advantage of summer prices during the coming winter months then call us immediately at 812-331-2270, we don't know how long these prices will hold.